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Buyer Information

All our auctions are open to the general public.

Auctions customers are welcome to bid in person at any of our live auctions or through the convenience of our Live-Auction Online Bidding at auctions where online bidding is available. We also offer Timed Auctions that are conducted online only.

Below is the buyer registration process for each of the above listed types of auctions.



1. Live onsite auctions with onsite bidding only


For these types of auctions, we will normally have our mobile office trailer set up somewhere near the sale ring or in the general vicinity of the sale items. Each person wishing to bid on and purchase items at these auctions will need to go the office trailer and obtain a buyer’s number in order to bid. In order to get a buyer’s number, the applicant must be 18 years of age and must show a driver’s license to office staff in the office trailer. By accepting this buyer’s number, the applicant does agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of the auction.

Sales tax is charged on taxable items. If you are a dealer purchasing for resale and wish to be exempt from this sales tax you must furnish us with your sales tax exemption certificate. Failure to furnish this exemption certificate will result in sales tax being added to your taxable items. Farmers purchasing rubber-tired tractors or implements that attach to rubber-tired tractors may execute a Farmers Exemption Certificate at the time of purchase and that will exempt you from 4% state sales tax. Local sales tax will still be charged and is not exempt for farmers. Motor vehicle dealer licenses are not acceptable as tax exemption certificates. International buyers are required to produce a Bill of Lading in order to be exempt from sales tax.

There is normally a buyer’s fee that is added to each item purchased. This fee varies from sale to sale.

Some of our auctions require a bank letter of guarantee if paying by personal or company check. Please check the terms and conditions of each auction in order to make proper preparations. A sample bank letter is as follows:

Mr. (customer name) is a customer in good standing at our bank. We will guarantee the payment of check on this account (acct #) up to (specify amount) Dollars for purchase at your auction on (date of auction).

Announcements made on sale day always take precedence over any printed material. Be sure to listen carefully to the auctioneer when the opening announcements are made.



2. Live onsite auctions with onsite bidding and real time internet bidding


If you are planning on attending the auction in person and bidding in person then the buyer registration process will be the same as listed above in #1.

If you are planning on bidding online and not attending the auction in person then there will be a link in the auction details page that will take you to the online buyer registration platform. This is normally a simple process but it is always a good idea to get this done a few days ahead of time in order to get approved by sale time. There is normally an additional fee for items purchased by internet bidding. Please read the terms of each auction.

If you do register for online bidding and are issued a buyer’s number but decide to attend the auction in person please go to the office trailer and get an onsite buyer’s number as well and use it for onsite bidding. If you use the online buyer’s number in person could result in the additional internet fee being added to your invoice.



3. Timed online auctions (eBay type) with internet bidding only


Some auctions are conducted as “Timed Online Auctions” only. We use different platforms for the online bidding and there will be a link on the auction detail page that will take you to the online bidding site for buyer registration. Online bidding approval may take a couple of days so get your applications in as soon as possible. Online registration is a simple process.

These auctions will normally have a beginning and ending auction date and time. Again, we use different auction platform for this auction type depending on the type and items that are included in the auction. At this type auction you can bid each time you are outbid or you can place Maximum bid limits on each item you are interested in.

Max Bid - Bidders have the opportunity to place their max bid, the highest amount you are willing to bid on that piece. The seller and other bidders will never know the amount of this bid. The auction platform will place bids, on your behalf, using the smallest bidding increment necessary to ensure that you remain the high bidder until your max bid is met. If another bidder has placed the same bid before you, or a higher max bid, we'll let you know that you've been outbid and you will have the opportunity to place another bid.

Time Extension - Bids that are placed in the last minutes of the auction will extend the auction by for a determined amount of time. This will continue as long as bids are being placed on that piece. **This is for online auctions only - not Live Auctions w/Online Bidding Available. **

After the auction has concluded, an email notification will be sent out to the winning bidder with our contact information. We will receive a similar email with the high bidder's contact information. We encourage bidders on the site to contact us before they place a bid and gather all unknown information before bidding and to work out the details of the financial transaction and the transportation of the piece.